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Historical Feesearches

Vol. XIV. FOR 1897.

The first law of History is not to dare tell a lie; the second not to fear to tell the truth; besides let the Historian be beyond all suspicion of favoring or hating anyone whom- soever. LEO XIII.

Which if I have done well and as becometh the history is what I have desired; but if not so perfectly it must be pardoned me. MACHABEES XV, 39.



DATO TJ. Gee Sia;



Rev. Ferdinand Farmer, S. J., Philadelphia, 1758-86

The First ‘‘ Catholic ’’ Celebration of July 4th

St. Joseph’s Orphan Asylum, Philadelphia

Priests at Old St. Joseph’s, Philadelphia, 1827-28—Incidents of their

Letters of Rt. Rev. John Carroll, Bishop of Baltimore, to Archbishop Troy, Dublin, 1794-1806 Why Charles Carroll of Carrollton Signed the Declaration of Indepen-

Rev. Thomas Keating, of Philadelphia and Charleston, 1789-93. . .

Estimate of Damages on the Day of the Election by a Riot at St. Mary’s Church, April 9th, 1822 .

Father Marquette at Chicago

Henry Clay to his Granddaughter on entering aConvent.... .

Bishop Purcell’s Account of a Consecrated Host (?) from a Mexican Battlefield

The “‘ Priest’’ of Philadelphia in 1686—a “‘ Fish’ Story

Catholicity in New Jersey

Facts about Prelates I want to Know

St. Peter’s Church, Baltimore, Md.

Soldier-Knight-Missionary St. Michael Edgar Evelyn Shawe, First Pastor of the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, Detroit, 1792-1853,

Rev. James Jones, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Letter of Archbishop Carroll to Rev. Mr. Rossiter, concerning Church Property in Philadelphia

The Roman Catholic Regiment of Philadelphia, in the service of Great Britain during the Revolution

Patrick Sheridan, Grandfather of Lieut.-Gen. P. H. Sheridan, U S A.,

A Priest Spy

A Bequest to Philadelphia in 1748

Bishop Neumann’s Journal of Pennsylvania Churches

Foreign Catholics Debarred, by law of England, from holding Land in Provincial Pennsylvania

Monuments to Father Marquette

13 17

27 28

32 33 39

40 42 44 47 48

50 62


65 81 87 89 go.

Spiritual Testament of Bishop Brute

A Memorial to Father Rale

Decrees of the First Synod of Mobile

Father Richard’s Petition to the ‘‘Government and Judges of Mich- igan’”’

Letter of Bishop Carroll to the Catholics of Vincennes, 1806 ... .

The Sisters of Charity and the Cholera in Baltimore and Philadelphia

Copy of the Declaration of Gieiomens ad by Charles Carroll of Carrollton

Attempt through Hostility to Catholics to Sever Virginia from the Other Revolting Colonies, 1775

Leisler’s ‘‘ No Popery’’ Revolt in New York, 1690

A Letter from the Archbishop of Baltimore and His Suffragans to the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland, 1810

Historical Sketch of the Mission of Goshenhoppen, now Church- ville, Pa

Notes of Churches from Bishop Neumann’s Private Journal

The Prayer of an American Citizen. By Mathew Carey

Bishop Rosati and a ‘‘ Mormon Heavenly Messenger ”’

The Classical Academy of St. Anne’s,of Detroit, during the ‘‘Thirties,”’ under Bishop Rese

The Action of the United States House of Representatives regarding the Discourse at St. Mary’s Church, Philadelphia, on the Death of Washington

Arbitration between the Quakers and Catholics of Philadelphia, 1787,

Bishop David, of Bardstown, objects to his Appointment—Resigns— Bishop Flaget, the First Bishop, becomes the Third in the See .

Bishop Flaget’s Account of his Resignation

Archives of ‘‘ Old"? St. Joseph’s, Philadelphia—List of Deeds and Documents from 1689 to 1851. Where the Papal Chapel’’ was prior to Old St. Joseph’s

The Jesuits Return to Old St. Joseph’s

Peter Dubuc—First Catholic Will in Philadelphia—First Bequest to a Priest, 1693

Father Sorin, Founder of the University of Notre Dame, relates to Father General Morraw the Sacrilegious Robbery at Bertrand, Michigan, 1847

‘The Patriarch of the American Hierarchy,’’ Bishop Walmsley, the Consecrator of Bishop Carroll

The Church in Texas—Bishop Timon’s Account of his Visitation in 1840-41

The Colonial Anti-Catholic Spirit in 1755

Historical Notes